What has Baker Hill done for the environment?

Wildlife & Habitat Management

· Maintain an un-mowed deep secondary rough
· Planted over 500 shrubs to re-vegetate wetlands and provide wildlife corridors
· Planted wetland grass mixtures to encourage wildlife feeding
· Established wetland buffer zones
· Stocked golf course ponds with fish
· Initiated a nest box building program– over 90 nest boxes
· Piled brush in non-play areas for small animal refuge
· Maintained  stone walls that abound on the property


Integrated Pest Management

· Scout and monitor pests to ensure they do not exceed thresholds
· Planted the latest pathogen resistant varieties available
· Aerification to ensure water, nutrient, and root system maximization
· Thatch control—mechanical removal and biological decomposition (molasses)
· Fertilization via “spoon feeding”
· Irrigate judiciously based on ET values—Use wetting agents to maximize water penetration
· Built state of the art maintenance facility with pesticide storage and wash water and green waste recycling system
· Utilize non-chemical means to eradicate pests when possible

Water Conservation

· Return storm water run-off to irrigation pond via underground catch basin system
· Use computer irrigation control for optimum water placement and site specific and cycle/soak adjustments
· Double and triple row irrigation for optimum distribution
· Wetting agents employed for maximum percolation
· Weather station determines ET values for irrigation
· Secondary roughs are planted to fescues and need no supplemental water

Water Quality Management

· Storm water recycling
· Use of turf buffer zones adjacent to sensitive wetlands
· Re-vegetated wetlands during construction
· Permanent storm water retention ponds are used to buffer run-off on other areas
· Judicious fertilizer and pesticide use
· Ground water monitoring of pesticide and fertilizer residues
· Water testing at 8 stream locations for Lake Sunapee Protective Association
· Blodgett Brook stream flow monitoring
· Equipment wash water recycling system


Outreach and Education

· Crew performs roadside clean-up on route 103 for the NH Adopt a Highway Program
· Local Cub Scout pack assisted us to build 90+ bird boxes
· Maintain signage at sensitive wetland areas
· Constructed this website
· Lectures on IPM tactics for home owners sponsored by the Lake Sunapee Protective Association