Ball Marks

       Beginner or pro, it is your responsibility as a golfer to fix your own marks. If you're truly a steward of the game, you'll fix yours and any others you see while your partners are putting. Repaired ball marks only take half the time to heal. There's really not much to it, but there are a few guidelines you should follow when making these repairs.

Bring the edges together with a gentle twisting motion, but don't lift the center. Try not to tear the grass. Smooth the surface with a club or foot. You're done when it's a surface that you would putt over.


      If you play golf, you create divots -- it's part of the game. However, if you create divots, you should also repair them -- that's part of the etiquette of the game. This ensures that the golfers who follow you have the same level playing surface you had when you started your round.

       A number of different methods are used to repair divots, and each of them is designed to make sure that the type of grass growing around the divot fills in as quickly as possible.  We ask that you simply replace your divot in the same direction that it came out and firmly tamp it down. If your divot explodes on impact you may wish to fill the hole with sand from the bottle on your cart or from the divot caddy on the tee. The divot bottles on carts contain bentgrass seed so be sure to use sand from your divot caddy on fairways and tees only to avoid contamination of the rough with the wrong seed.


      The bunker banks at Baker Hill are steeply sloped so please be careful when entering and exiting the bunkers. Choose an easy route to enter and bring a courtesy rake with you. After completion of your shot, please rake smooth your divot and footprints from the sand. This ensures that the folks behind you will not have to extract a ball out of a heel mark or divot. The Golf Committee has ruled that golfers should place a rake after use outside the bunker. The bunkers are typically raked by the maintenance staff 3 times per week, depending on the amount of play.