Registration Required
All golfers and their guests are required to register at the kiosk or Pro Shop desk before playing or using the practice facilities. Members should register their guests at the kiosk or in the Pro Shop prior to, or at the time of, their guest’s arrival.  The kiosk or Pro Shop staff will direct you to your starting hole.

Proper Attire Required
Appropriate golf attire is required for men, women and children, including slacks, skirts and golf shorts for women and golf shorts and trousers for men.  Athletic or short shorts, exercise clothing, bathing suits, blue jeans, tee shirts, tank tops, and cargo pants are unacceptable.  Men’s shirts should be tucked in while using all Baker Hill facilities.  Caps should be removed in the dining and lounge areas of the Clubhouse.  Caps worn in other parts of the Club should have brims facing forward.

Care for the course
Every member of the Club and his or her guests has the responsibility to care for our golf course.   Please:
- Repair ball marks on the greens.
- Replace divots.
- On fairways and tees, use sand/seed mixture to repair divots when divots are shredded.
- Rake bunkers.
- Deposit smoking materials and other litter in the containers located on every tee.

Be Aware of Pace of Play
- It is the duty of every golfer to keep up with the game in front and not just ahead of the game behind.
- Golfers who play slowly should stand aside and signal faster players to play through.
- Golfers riding in carts should not place unreasonable pressure on walking players ahead.
- A foursome should complete 18 holes in 4 hours and 12 minutes.

Golf Cart Safety
These are some important safety rules related to golf carts.
- A valid automobile driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart.
- Children are not permitted to drive a golf cart, assisted or unassisted.
- No more than two riders are permitted per golf cart.
- All passengers must keep their hands, arms, feet inside the golf cart at all times to avoid serious injury.
- Use caution with carts in the parking lot.
- When in a golf cart, avoid all steep fairway inclines.  Carts are not allowed at any time on the incline on hole #2, #7, or the path to the right of the 18th green. 
- Follow posted signage to prevent injury and to preserve the turf and natural areas.  
- Do not drive golf carts in the fescue, or any newly sodded or seeded areas. 
- All four wheels of the golf cart must remain on the paths near tees and greens. 
- Carts should stay on the paths at all times around the Pro Shop, Clubhouse and practice areas.  Do not drive across the grass near the Clubhouse and practice putting green.  Use the cart paths to return carts to the cart parking area beside the Pro Shop.

Courtesy Carts Available
Courtesy carts are available to all Members for travel to and from the Pro Shop and practice range.  They are also available for walkers on the back nine (pick up after hole 11 and return to the same spot after teeing off on hole 14).  Walkers may also use a cart to return to the Pro Shop after finishing hole 18.  Please return that cart to the Pro Shop immediately after your round.

Practice Facilities
When using the practice facilities, please use courtesy and common sense and observe all posted signs.
- Practice balls are provided for use on the practice range and short game area only.  Practice balls should not be used on the putting green, nor on the course. 
- Balls should be hit from designated areas only.  At times, golfers may be asked to use the mats for practice. 
- Divot sand is provided at the practice range.  Members and guests should fill in their divots after practicing. 
- Chipping and pitching may be practiced in the designated short game area across from the driving range.  The putting green should not be used to practice chip or pitch shots.

Silence Mobile Phones
Common courtesy should prevail in the use of mobile phones.  Texting, talking and viewing emails are distracting to fellow players and to those around you in Club buildings.  Phones may be used for emergencies, but please deal with these situations discreetly.  Ringers should be turned off at all times.
Smoking is prohibited in Club buildings and on the Clubhouse porch.  Smoking is permitted on the course.  Please extinguish and dispose of butts and other refuse in the provided containers.